Andrés Rodríguez Santos

Andrés Rodríguez Santos is a Puerto Rican artist with a long career in the arts. In his work he has created a universe of suggestive images that explore human nature; the sexuality, the myths, fears and moral aspects. His work maintains a technical rigor and a game of dichotomies; figurative and abstract, and between the intuitive and the rational.

Santos Rodriguez lives and has his studio in Yauco, Puerto Rico, his hometown. He earned a BA from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico later an MFA from Pratt Institute in New York. In his career it has extended over 20 solo exhibitions and has participated in international events painting, printmaking and drawing.


For many years my work has been focused on the development of an iconography that allows me to approach certain aspects of human nature. Sexuality, fears of the occult, taboos, magic, and morality are modular themes in my work. I address this content with the clear intention of transgressing social and moral conventions that for centuries have immersed humanity in a state of emotional, imaginative and expressive modesty.