Rafael Trelles, The Imagined Word: Rollins Museum of Art, Winter Park, FL

17 September - 31 December 2021

The Imagined Word is an exhibition of 22 drawings portraying literary characters that reflect the eternal realationship between visual arts and literature.

In The Imagined Word,​ Trelles interprets and develops each character present in his readings. By emphasizing individual characteristics, the artist represents the personality of each figure. The neutral color of the paper helps create a contrast of light and shadow, so important when attempting to portray the factors that stress certain outstanding expressions which identify essential features of the character. 

The characters also reveal their personality through themes that define their idiosyncrasies. Observing each one, brings to mind different personalities and attitudes also found in everyday life.

As we advance through the exhibition and approach the characters, the facial expressions provide us with elements that identify them, along with quotes located next to the image. We shall thus discover the characters who probably were part of our lives while we read. We will transport ourselves to that moment of reading and we will confirm that the image of the character with whom we share our time is once again present.

If the literary work has not been read, upon observing the drawing and reading the quote, the urge to know and understand the character may very well motivate us to read the original work which inspired Trelles’ drawings. In this case, while reading the text, the images of the characters created by Rafael Trelles will accompany us at all times, being the image the element that originated the communication.