Annex Burgos

Annex Burgos was born in New York in 1965 and has since then divided her life and career between this city and Puerto Rico. She is a multidisciplinary artist working in visual arts and design. She earned a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan, Puerto Rico (1992) and her Master in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York (1997). The artist left her imprint in Puerto Rico’s artistic imagination with two of her public art projects: Favorite fruit (2000) in the Santurce Historic Marketplace and the Muses (2004) that lead to the Center for Performing Arts, also in Santurce. Burgos has secured her place in a generation of great impact in Puerto Rican contemporary visual arts, reaffirming her commitment to Caribbean arts. She addresses themes of social, political and environmental profile as noba, a collaborative entity she shares with her husband, Néstor Otero, also a designer and sculptor. She serves as designer and cultural agent in the design studio they co- head, zalto.multidisciplina y estrategia, as well as in its publishing arm Mandíbula, which looks for alternatives to conventional exhibit design and art publications.



"The body has become a point of reference, a metaphor to filter existential issues that nurture my work. Ideas that redefine my being are conveyed symbolically in sculptures that use the body as a code carrier. The body becomes a weapon of transformation, of re-imagining the soul. The body is identifiable, but incorporates elements that defy familiar interpretations."

Annex Burgos, 2013