Jaime Suárez, El silencio en el tiempo (Silence in Time)

18 March - 25 June 2022

l'Artban presents  El silencio en el tiempo,  a selection of works by Jaime Suárez. 


Jaime Suárez’s work focuses on the theme of earth. In clay the artist found the perfect material, not only to explore and develop different compositions and techniques but to work directly with a material associated with earth and its creative powers. Centering his production towards this ancient material, Suárez started to use clay as a pigment and developed a technique called barrografías (clay prints).


Jaime Suárez creates different landscapes where ruins, topographic maps and eroded lands are the main protagonists. The limited color palette opens to many possibilities: from topographic maps showing marks of human interaction to barrografías where clay is printed developing multiple landscapes; to ruins showing a complete archaeological composition or to  eroded landscapes with a tridimensional vessel as the protagonist.


This inhabited landscapes rather than solitude they communicate silence and contemplation, abstracting from the present and transporting to the past.

Everything suggests a ritual where earth is venerated as the source of life and where the origins reside.










  • Tondo Telúrico, 2020

    clay on paper and wood, 40 in  (102 cm)

  • "Lo que a mí me interesa con mi obra es el silencio"

  • Jaime Suárez, Seca IV, 2020

    Jaime Suárez

    Seca IV, 2020
    Clay and wood chip on canvas
    48x60 in (122x152 cm)
  • Jaime Suárez, Paisaje Fragmentado (Fragmented Landscape), 2020

    Jaime Suárez

    Paisaje Fragmentado (Fragmented Landscape), 2020
    Polyptych collage in "Barrografías" on wood
    54 x 24 in ( 137 x 61 cm )
  • Jaime Suárez is one of the most important figures in the development of contemporary ceramics in Puerto Rico. He created Casa Candina in 1980, which was significant in establishing the ceramic medium as one of the principal artistic movements on the island. Jaime Suárez has  exhibited in Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, New York, New Mexico, Colombia, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, and Greece. He has been awarded prizes in international ceramic exhibitions and competitions in Faenza, Italy, and Zagreb, Croatia. His work is included in prestigious international collections in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America. He is the creator of the monument Totem Telúrico in Old San Juan and various other public art sculptures and murals integrated into architecture and public spaces.


    "The most characteristic feature is the archaeological appearance it has. It is a contemporary creation that seems archaeological, or from the past. In my works I deal with the themes of time and man as a destroyer of things. I think history is full of moments in which we have been builders and others in which we have been destructive. "Besides, everything we do ends up being archaeological eventually."

     Jaime Suárez

  • Jaime Suárez, De las ciudades perdidas (From the Lost Cities), 2015

    Jaime Suárez

    De las ciudades perdidas (From the Lost Cities), 2015
    Clay on board and canvas
    24x48 in (62x122 cm)
  • Jaime Suárez, Seca I, 2018

    Jaime Suárez

    Seca I, 2018
    clay, acrylic on canvas and ceramic vessel
    48x60 in (122x152 cm)
  • Mosaicos de tierra y tiempo (Mosaics of Earth and Time).

    Clay collage on paper, 16x20 in (40x50 cm)

  •  Craft in America, Jaime Suárez on his Work.

    Craft in America, Jaime Suárez on his Work