Rafael Trelles, The Imagined Word

Exhibition Catalogue
Efrain Barradas, 2020

Publisher: Museo de las Americas/ Rollins Museum of Art.

ISBN: 9780986146640

Pages: 60


The artist's subtle commentary, that object or animal, makes the other person's text his own. And by making it his own, he makes it ours. His Alice, who might live in an urbanization in Aguadilla or Yauco, clearly shows that the barriers between what is ours and what is others', what is Puerto Rican and what is mis-called "universal," are fragile, permeable, and even false. Trelles' commentary on the works of these writers -Shakespeare, Ionesco, Borges- makes their texts our own through the image that comments on them and does so, in large part because he suggests, rather than says outright.

Efraín Barradas