Jesús Chamizo is a photographer who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. His work is characterized by an interest in the tracks human beings leave behind in this world, architecture figuring prominently here. Chamizo builds images based on the emotions space produces through lines, angles, light, perspectives and shapes. These elemets are mostly visible in details of the buildings and they become protagonists of the compositions. Chamizo's lens enhances and transforms these elements into different compositions where buildings are shown in a non-conventional way, depicting new spaces, turning the photographer into an architect of images.

In the series dedicated to the architect Antonio Palacios, Chamizo focuses on the constructions that transformed Madrid During the early 20th Century into a modern capital. 

Chamizo's exhibition Jesús Chamizo: The Architect of Images, was a tribute to the architect Antonio Palacios, the opening was in September 2017 at the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago and included as one of the activities of the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Chamizo has received numerous awards including The New York Festival, IPA Architectura Latin Awards, PANO Awards and CIP Festival.