Xavier Mascaró
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Xavier Mascaró

agosto 26, 2014

Xavier Mascaró’s sculptures are inspired by icons from ancient cultures:

Asian Guards; Egyptian funerary boats; the ideal of Greek beauty and precolombian imagery.

Through the artist’s interpretation and the materials used, these ancient subjects become contemporary.

Mascaró welcomes accident to his work and cast iron provides the desired surprise effect. In addition the final look of this material when exposed to the elements reinforces the effect of aging.

Later on in his career, Mascaró started to explore with the combination of different materials such as aluminum, stained glass, copper, resin, ceramic and pewter.

In Mascaró’s work the figures do not communicate through facial expressions and detail instead, it is the artist’s choice of materials that sends the message. This is the case in the sculptures depicting hearts where the glass alludes to the frailty of feelings while the cast iron guardians project the image of strength.

The holes and openings in the sculptures are some of the features that make Mascaró’s work unique.These holes create a contrast of light and shadow and also a sense of weightlessness in the figure. Through these voids, Mascaró

invites the viewer to explore the figure within from every angle, equating these voids with windows to the soul.

About the artist:

Xavier Mascaró was born in Paris in 1965, moving to Spain three years later. After studying at the Fine Arts University in Barcelona, he lived in New York, Mexico and Spain. At the moment he is setting up a new studio in Miami, FL.

His works are included in the most important private collections and his numerous exhibitions include «Guardianes» at the Royal Palais, Paris; «Escultura Monumental» Paseo de Recoletos y Paseo del prado, Madrid;  Mascaró’s next exhibition will take place at Saatchi Gallery in London from September 3rd until October 5th, 2014. It will combine an indoor exhibition with his monumental sculptures