Maria Luisa Sanz
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Maria Luisa Sanz

agosto 29, 2014

Considered the Spanish «Queen of Pop» Maria Luisa Sanz (Madrid, 1946) is one of the few Spanish artists who has cultivated a passion for the Pop Art Movement.

The artist’s compositions are full of plain colors, clear and simple lines that clearly reveal the art movement influence on her work. The constant visits of Maria Luisa to America and Asia have had an enormous influence on her themes, thus creating a unique approach to the Pop Art Movement.

Maria Luisa has participated in several art fairs such as ARCO ( Madrid), Estampa  (Madrid), SAGA ( (Paris) and Art Chicago. Her works can be found in prestigious private collections in Spain, India, Portugal, Germany and Vietnam as well as in museums such as National Library (Spain), Conde Duque Museum ( Spain) and the National Museum of Reproductions (Spain).