Luis Hernandez Cruz
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Luis Hernandez Cruz

abril 5, 2017

Luis Hernandez Cruz (b. 1936 San Juan, Puerto Rico) is a painter, sculptor, printmaker and teacher. He studied at the university of Puerto Rico under Cristobal Ruiz and obtained a master of fine arts from the American University in Washington, D.C. In the sixties, he was a pioneer in the introduction of Abstract Art in Puerto Rico. In 1984 Hernandez Cruz chaired the First Congress of Abstract Artists in Puerto Rico. He has taught at the Puerto Rico School of Plastic Arts and at the University of Puerto Rico, where he also directed the Museum of Anthropology and History.

Hernandez Cruz’s works can be seen at  prestigious collections such as Museum of Modern Art, New York; Latin American Museum, Washington D.C; Lowe Art Museum, Miami; Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul; Contemporary Art Museum, Puerto Rico; Museo de Arte de Ponce; Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and many more.

«My works are not preconceived, they are a challenge, since I don’t know what will emerge from the canvas. As the handwriting of a teenager changes with time, thus changes the color as it is applied, retaining only the idea of color. The shades from the diverse hues start encroaching the canvas or paper, and start turning into something subjective; it is the artist’s ultimate moment, when aside from technique, feels he is creating something his own. Almost unconsciously, the artist knows when he has reached the final stage of his work and declares it finished.»

Luis Hernandez Cruz, 1964