Elsa María Meléndez
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Elsa María Meléndez

agosto 19, 2014


 Elsa María (Caguas, Puerto Rico) is a printmaker and creator of installations where she incorporates embroidery, seams and large amounts of synthetic materials. The iconography in her work shows features of the Puerto Rican idiosyncrasy and summarizes debates that respond to uncertainty faced with cultural ruin, exhaustion of human relations, decline in public policy and lack of gender equity. The artist employs representations of women in private and public life to develop an antithesis on judgments of the body and sexuality.

Elsa María has exhibited  in the United States, Uruguay, Cuba, Ireland, Romania, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. In 2019 she received the award: Flamboyan Artist Fellowship Award in partnership with NALAC National Association of Latin Arts and Culture, San Antonio, TX to carry out a public art project entitled Suave con los embustes en la plaza. In addition  she was nominated for the 2019 USA Fellowship, United States Artists, Chicago, IL. 

Artist’s Statement

Textiles, embroidery and sewing are part of the vocabulary of my visual language. I use them as a contemporary tool to free them from the connotation associated with docile creation. I embroider huge size textiles, accumulate and organize large quantities of found materials and objects, and then I tear and patch; the laboriousness and complexity in the confection and installation procedure are part of the controversial process. The vulnerability of the audience is tested through embroidered phrases, pins or by crossing spaces that are risky in terms of stability due to the soft and fluffy textiles. Contradictory, what appears to be beautiful, submissive and harmless can represent threat, confrontation and reflection.