Carlos León
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Carlos León

julio 23, 2014

Carlos León is one of Spain’s leading contemporary artist. His abstract compositions are recreations of gardens, landscapes, flesh, pain and pleasure. León finds in the abstract movement the key to his art; he doesn’t pretend to reproduce reality but transmit feelings and convert them into art. As the artist says:  “abstraction is destined to suggest while the mission of the painter is to paint the effect produced by the subject”

The combination of classical art, such as Renaissance and Baroque, with Abstract expressionism, is what forms Carlos Leon’s art. From the Renaissance he takes the colors and from the Baroque the abundance of detail. From Abstract expressionism León takes the subconscious creation.

Color domains León’s scene and it represents the essence of human existence: flesh, pain and pleasure is represented by red tonalities and sometimes black accompanies these feelings too. The atmosphere of nature with gardens and very refined landscapes is associated with greens and blues with brown sometimes appearing in these paintings too.

Carlos León found in dibond ( aluminum panel) and polyester paper a perfect substitute for the canvas. Once again the classical and the contemporary worlds meet through León’s work: classical oil painting on industrial and cold support,  makes it very contemporary.

León avoids any interference between him and the surface, abandoning brushes for the use of his hands in order to paint directly onto the dibond or polyester paper. The artist wants to feel his hands sliding and marking the cold, bright and smooth support he has chosen. It is an inscription of the body.

About Carlos León

Carlos Leon was born in Ceuta, Spain in 1948. After studying in Paris and in New York (Triangle Workshop) he moved back to Spain in the year 2002.

This is the first time his latest works are shown in the US.

His works are part of the most important private and public collections as well as some of the most prestigious museums such as

– Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid

– Citibank Collection

– Helga de Alvear Foundation

– Norman Foster and Elena Ochoa Collection

– Center of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, Ohio

-Portland Museum

– Entrecanales Collection

His recent projects include an exhibition in the Spring of one of his latest triptych at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. The triptych was inspired by the famous painting of  El Greco ” Cardenal Niño de Guevara”.

 At the CGAC ( Center for contemporary Art in Galicia)in the Fall an exhibition called ” El orden de las primeras cosas”.